Leodean Worrell
Telephone: (246) 435-2325 Category: Lawyers
Hastings Attorneys , Barbados, Barbados
I was introduced to Leodean by Zarina Khan in 2001. I was immediately struck by her presence. Leodean is a Trinidadian who goes about everything she does with extreme passion. From the beginning she committed to working with me on troubled matters, sometimes very sad and distressing cases. She works through to a conclusion improving the lot of many people’s lives. Many of my clients have been able to get through huge legal problems that had existed many years before they met Leodean and have been fortunate enough to move on. Leodean has profound ability to communicate and articulate her feelings precisely so that no one could remain in any doubt at all. Whatever happens, the one place you don’t want to find yourself is on the opposite side of her in the court room. That would be a fait that would not bare thinking about.

Leodean is my colleague and my friend; I speak to her approximately twenty times a day. I love her.
Land Surveying Services
Telephone: 423-2708, (c) 230-3622 Category: Land Surveyor
A1 Hill View, St. Philip, Barbados, Barbados
Michael has been working with us from the very beginning. The very first lot we sold was in Ocean City in 2001. It was my very first listing. I called Michael and told him that I was now a real estate agent and that if he looked after this first one, I would send him work forever more. He never questioned me. We have not had a cross word in all those years and that really says allot.

He is a true professional and a gentlemen.
Coral Render/ Elvis Bailey
Telephone: 236-6605, 835-7080 Category: Contractor
#14, Princess Royal, Avenue, Pine Land, St. Michael, Barbados, Barbados
Elvis Bailey has been working with us for 11 years, he has delivered stunning designs on many of our properties. He offers; Coral Block Work, Details, Window Sills, Moulding, Skirting, Door Jams, Columns, Corners Stone, Tiling, Servicing Coral Render and Driveways. He offers free quotations.