The real estate agent of the people, Hannah Properties Ltd began operations in January of 2001 with only Gregory Alleyne and myself working from an office at Sheraton Centre. 

We had very little money but had a huge amount of determination. I had been through some serious fiscal turbulence the past years prior. I had two beautiful little girls and I was determined to make a better life for them.

I had quite a lot of experience in marketing and was aware that there was a demand in the market that was not being met. At that time many agents had limits on property value so that if you were looking at less the $250,000.00 they were not interested, which meant that many people felt that a real estate agent was only for the wealthy or the “Big up’s” the truth was that it was the people working with less than $250,000.00 who needed the help most of all.

We came into the market very quietly with a very logical approach. First of all, we surrounded our selves with seriously good people.  The legal approach in many instances left allot to be desired with almost every Barbadian having at least one horror storey and it seems that they still do today. 

The truth is that we have a few seriously good lawyers in Barbados, people that I would chose on  a world level and that have worked with me over the past ten years. Then, there are some seriously bad ones with seemingly very poor work ethic and a scarcity of morals and often many are unburdened with conscience or manners. 

Today we have five that we recommend and a handful of others for whom we have a lot of respect.  You see the legal aspect of your journey whether buying or selling a property is the most important, the decision to chose a lawyer is paramount to the success the transaction. 

They say in Barbados that it takes 3 months to close a transaction but the truth is that the average is 5.4 months . If you chose the wrong lawyer it could take years.  In the early years, we had examples of clients coming to us who had been held up legally for more than ten years; with the right lawyer we sorted their problems out in months.  This led to many listings for us over the years because we took the time to deal with people’s problems and find solutions.  This is where it really paid off because the lawyers we worked with right from the start were exceptional and that team has only grown stronger. You can meet them in our “Professional recommendations” section of our website. 

A huge part of our success has been our marketing campaign. We were the first real estate agent in Barbados to advertise properties on the radio.  I shall be eternally indebted to Vic Fernades of the Starcom Network now One Caribbean Media for allowing me to do things differently. Why Radio? Because radio makes the phone ring!

We do three live radio shows per week all are on the internet so it gives us a really wide coverage. We receive many inquiries from both overseas vendors and purchasers. Many of which are Barbadians. 

When we list a property we put it on a three week maximum advertising campaign. This includes, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the Nation, live on our three radio programs, Mix Fm on Monday mornings at 8:15, Voice of Barbados on Thursday mornings at 8:15 and Love Fm on Thursday mornings at 8:25.  Also up on the internet at Cariblist.com. We offer the most attractive signage. Ninety percent of the properties we put up for sale are sold within three weeks. 

Our rental department is very strong. We offer the widest selection of rental properties in Barbados from small studio apartments ranging from BDS $795.00 per month to luxury holiday rentals at US $10,000.00 per night. 

This year is our 10th anniversary and we look back with pride, gratitude and amazement at how far we have come. Barbados is perhaps the most beautiful country on earth and everyday my job reminds me of that. 

I am truly grateful for the support and love of the Barbadian people. We at Hannah Properties Ltd will continue to offer the best possible value in real estate services and to give our client the best possible service.  We fully understand that your investment in real estate may be the largest financial transaction you will ever make. We take that very seriously indeed and we will work hard to ensure that this transaction runs as smoothly as possible for you. 

I wish to personally thank you for visiting our website, should you need to contact me directly, I can be reached on 1-246-262-5072. I look forward to doing business with you. 
Yours Sincerely

Julie A. Dash